Grant to address sharps disposal

Powell River program will result in community cleanup
Paul Galinski / Powell River Peak
MARCH 13, 2020 02:30 PM

A $25,000 grant has been received by City of Powell River as part of a provincial program to address the overdose crisis.

Kathryn Colby, community development manager at Lift Community Services and coordinator of the Community Action Team, said the idea of the grant was to create a program for disposing of used substances in the community. Lift Community Services has partnered with the city in the implementation of the grant.

“When folks find discarded sharps, that’s a huge red flag for our community,” said Colby. “There’s a lot of emotion around discarded harm-reduction supplies.”

One of the reasons Lift paired with the municipality was to address a couple of issues around sharps disposal, according to Colby.

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