Harm Reduction

What we’re doing to keep each other safe:

  • Safe supply
  • Peer witnessing
  • Peer outreach
  • BRAVE App
  • LifeGuard App
  • Clean Sweep Project

Reducing Stigma

​Stigma is any attitude, belief or behaviour that discriminates against people.

When it comes to substance use, stigma impacts people with lived and living experience, as well as their families.

Stigma often emerges in the form of derogatory language that shames and belittles people. Such language can lead to a cycle of behaviours and attitudes that isolate and marginalize people who use substances.

​Stigmatizing language and disrespectful behaviour affect the way people see themselves and how they are treated by society as a whole. It is important to remember that a substance use disorder should be treated as a medical condition.

Shifting language to more accurately reflect the nature of the health condition can lead to wider support of life-saving interventions.

Some people internalize the stigma surrounding substance use, causing them to feel ashamed and to struggle with feelings of worthlessness. Other people’s negative attitudes towards them can amplify and further reinforce these feelings.

Read the full report on Overcoming Stigma Through Language.

Harm Reduction Supplies and Drug Checking Service

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