Petition To keep the Zunga Bus in Powell River and expand service area and times

The City council will be meeting November 30 to vote on ending or extending funding for the trial program “Zunga Bus” which is currently only set to remain until December 31st. The Zunga Bus is a lower emissions public transportation that provides on demand service to our region. This model of public transportation currently does provide mobility to residents of Powell River who otherwise face accessibility challenges. If the program is cut, current users will be affected negatively. If the program is extended, current users are able to keep relying on the Zunga bus. Further, if extended, there is opportunity to positively impact new users. If extended and expanded, the Zunga bus could provide the mobility that is so direly needed for South of town, North of Town, Tla’amin Nation, Cranberry and Wildwood.

The Zunga bus model represents the type of accommodating and responsive public transit that our region so desperately needs. Quality public transportation is an essential service for young people, seniors, parents and others who do not drive, do not have access to a vehicle or must otherwise be the chauffeur for those in their household. Public health, Economic outcomes and Environmental outcomes are all positively affected by quality, user-friendly public transportation.

Use your voice to protect and improve community mobility, public health, equality and economic development in the qathet region.

Grant to address sharps disposal

Grant to address sharps disposal

Powell River program will result in community cleanupPaul Galinski / Powell River PeakMARCH 13, 2020 02:30 PM A $25,000 grant has been received by City of Powell River as part of a provincial program to address the overdose crisis. Kathryn Colby, community development...

Overdose prevention site opens in Powell River as drug crisis grows

Overdose Prevention Site opens as Drug Crisis Grows

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